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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Raj Comics- Gold Heart (7 comics) free download links

Download 7 comics of 'Gold Heart', a very less known character of Raj comics for free...
Hi friends,
        Today i have brought you all another very less known character of Raj comics. Named 'Gold Heart' this character was probably started in 1997 or 1998 (I am not sure). Although a decent thought and work but it still didn't gained the popularity which the earlier characters of Raj comics found and was discontinued shortly.
    I guess you'd love to read some comics of this character, I had 7 comics of Gold Heart and i am providing all of them here, i hope you'll like these.

Please if you like reading comics, then buy them and support the comics industry.

DOWNLOAD LINKS- [Click on the name of comics to download]

1. Sandman
2. Sone ki Mashal 
3. Kohraam [Hey don't confuse it with Multistarar digest 'Kohram']
4. Jaljala [Again don't confuse it with Multistarar digest 'Jaljala']
5. Ashanti 
6. Gold Heart 
7. Dhaal aur Lalkaar    

 Next in the line are two diamond comics characters 'Billu' and 'Motu Patlu' [sorry that makes it 3 i guess] requested by a regular visitor. I'll be posting them shortly. Till then keep visiting, keep enjoying.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

All Harry Potter Books in Hindi Free Download Links

Download all 7 Harry Potter Books in Hindi for free...
Hi friends,
      As i told you all in my previous post that i'll be more active in this month. So i've decided to at least make 4 or 5 posts in this month, and here i am with my second post.
     Today i have brought you all all 7 Harry Potter in Hindi. I remember one viewer sending me request for these books and although i am quite late in uploading these i still hope he/she will be happy to find these here.
    Harry potter series written by J.K.Rowling is one of the most famous and cult book series presently specially among kids and to some extent among teenagers too.
    Started in 1997 with book Harry Potter and Scorer's Stone this series expanded for nearly 10 years with 7 books and ending with Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows. Following the adventures and journey of Harry Potter and his friends fighting the evil forces this series gained immense popularity and also generated 8 movies based on these book which earned nearly $7.6 Billions among them.
    Still high on the popularity this series continues to mesmerizes the readers with its plot, storyline and lots of action.
    Here i am providing free download links of all 7 books of this series. All books are in pdf format. I hope you like these.

-:Free Download Links:-
[Click on the name of the book to download]

[File Format- pdf]
[Hosting- Ziddu]

All credit goes to original scanner and uploaders for these books.

Disclaimer- This blogger has no intention of hurting the business of original publishers or copyright holders and holds no copyright on these materials. All books are uploaded here only for preview purpose and to give the readers idea about these books. Still if any one has any problem with the present content, please contact me at

If you like these books then please buy these books and support the publishing companies.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Raj Comics- Jasoos Topichand (7 comics) Free Download Links

Hi friends,
   Its been very long since i posted anything here. Please pardon me for that, but these days i don't get much time to maintain all my blogs (Specially when i run 4 blogs :p), and that too with completing my love to book reading, movies and TV shows. But i try to do my best, and hope i'll be more active in the future.
   So here i am friends with one more post where i've brought you all a comics character which is very less known in the Hindi comics world, infact in my childhood days i never read any of its comics and only came to know about this character when i started collecting comics seriously, and irony is that it was published by Raj comics which was probably the most easily available comics publication near my home in the 90s.
   But leave it. Here i am with 7 comics of 'Jasoos Topichand' who was published in the early days of Raj comics. I hope you like these less known comics and appreciate my work.
   I've already uploaded comics of one more less known character and will be shortly post them too. Till then read these and have fun.


1. Jasoos Topichand Ke Karnaame

2. Jasoos Topichand aur Sitaron ki Fauz 

3. Jasoos Topichand aur Sitaron Ki Kheti 

4. Jasoos Topichand aur Rahasyamay Jwalamukhi 

5. Jasoos Topichand aur Mandir Ka Heera 

6. Jasoos Topichand aur Anokh Jal Daitya 

7. Jasoos Topichand aur Hinsa ki Jad 

I am not the original scanner of these comics, i've just collected these from the different websites and uploaded these here. So all credit goes to original comics scanners and uploaders.

Disclaimer- I have no intention to hurt the business of the publishing company of this material. I am only posting these comics here for the preview purpose and make visitors more aware of these less known comics. Also as far as i know these comics are not available on the website of the original publisher (here Raj Comics) for buying, reading or downloading purpose. If anyone still have any problem with this post, then please contact me at

If you like these comics then please buy them and support the comics industry.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Movie Review: Shaadi Ke Side Effects (2014)

Hi friends,
     I finished my weekend watching this new released movie of this week named 'Shaadi Ke Side Effects'. Produced by Pritish Nandi Communications with Balaji Telefilms and Directed by Saket Chaudhari i was awaiting for this romcom for quite some time. Ya really... I don't know about you all but i had a great expectations from this movie, probably because it had 2 good actors in the form of Vidya Balan and Farhan Akhtar, and also because it was directed by Saket who also directed 'Pyar ke Side effects', probably Mallika Sherawat's only film deserving a mention. So as i said i had a great expectations, and although i wouldn't say that i am fully satisfied with it but ya it gave me some good and witty lines to laugh as well as a emotional moment at the end.
      The movie tells the story of a couple Trisha (Vidya Balan) and Sid (Farhan Akhter) who are happily married but how their life changes when Trisha gets pregnant and...
Read the complete post =>=>

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Movie Review: Highway (2014)

       After nearly 2 months i went to watch any movie in the theater, and thank god i didn't regret it. Thanks to my friend Mohit (Yes i saw it for free) i watched this movie which is directed by one of my favorite bollywood director Imtiaz Ali. As we all know by watching his previous movies that Romance is his forte and he does some really memorable work writing and directing these movies. From his first directed movie 'Socha Na Tha' to his last written one 'Cocktail' i have always loved his work. I feel in touch with his stories specially as he doesn't try to show a over the top romance, with that he also combines a decent mix of emotion and fun feeling too which is always a boost up for us Indian movie goers.
      Presented by Sajid Nadiadwad produced by UTV 'Highway' has a very unusual pairing of Randeep Hooda and Alia Bhatt. To think Randeep's jatt persona and Alia's Chui Mui girl i never imagined them both at same frame but after watching the movie i would say that the selection of Randeep in that role was perfect as i can't see any other actor from bollywood to portray a rough, heartless and rude kidnapper like him (Are yaar ab Ranbeer kapoor has got a very City type sophisticated look and he can't look a mawali with disturbed hair and beard and talk Haryanvi. Or you would see another disaster like Besharam) and he did his role quite good. But the high point of the film is Alia Bhatt, only 2 film old she has shown amazing improvement and maturity in her acting and i would say that she has done a great thing to do a Imtiaz Ali (who is always known to give his actress powerful and distinctive role in his films) film at the start of her film career which will give her a big boost in lending more powerful roles (See the examples of Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone). I really loved her and she looked really cute.
       Although the story doesn't present so many different shades but thats what i liked about it most. The director has only focused on the two main characters and their story and didn't try to make it any suspense movie as how they will fight the world for their love? How girl's parents will try to get her back? etc. He is concerned about only 2 characters and those are of our Hero and Heroin. the girl 'Veera' (Alia) got kidnapped by 'Mahaveer' (Randeep) a rude and heartless person. she is the daughter of a very powerful businessman and Mahaveer knows that her father would turn the world upside down to find her daughter so they can't stay at one place for long, for that they have to keep moving and doing this they start a journey in which Veera tells Mahaveer something she never told anyone and Mahaveer also finds a comforter in her. Veera starts to like the journey and Mahaveer and although she is kidnapped she feels much free than she is at her home. Mahaveer also starts to like her but is not ready to accept it as he knows they have no future and there is no chance he'll find what he wants and decides to let her go. But Veera comes back to him and askes him to let her be with him and continue their journey, now Mahaveer decides to let go and face whatever happens. But... Future has something else planned for them. What? Well for that go to your nearest cinema hall and watch the movie.
     As i have already mentioned above that the both actors are amazing and after that i don't thing any other person has any significant role to mention. Imtiaz Ali has done a great job once more and is surely turning into one of the most respected and successful directors of my generation. Writing wise also he has done a good job with giving some light moments for the viewers to enjoy as well as some really emotional ones. Music and Score is by Maestro A.R. Rahman and works wonderfully with the story and the Sufiana Touch is amazing. But one thing which i liked most is Cinematography, really the Cinematographer has really captured the whole of North India beautifully, i mean be it Kashmir of Himachal Pradesh or Rajasthan everything looks so ravishing which makes you really wanna go and see these places. (In my opinion Indian Tourism should give an Award to Imtiaz for showing India so beautiful in his movies like Jab we met, Rockstar and now this).
     So all in all an decent outing and i would definitely recommend you all to have a watch.

See it: For Alia and Randeep, Imtiaz's direction, To see a simple romantic film, If still sad that no romantic film was released in Valentine week.

Don't see it: If you don't appreciate new talent, Want so much happening and action in the film, Don't like a decent film (Ha ha)

My Rating- 7.5/10 stars.     


Monday, December 9, 2013

'Parmanu' comics collection [1st 15 comics of Parmanu] free mediafire download links

Hi friends,
      Today i am back with one more beloved comics character of Raj comics. 'Parmanu' which is one of the oldest character of Raj comics universe. It appeared first time in year 1991 approx. at the same time as Nagraj, Dhruv, Bhokal and Bankelal.
    Vinay saw a group of criminals kill his classmate when he was in high school. He vowed to revenge her death. He found the murder weapon, a revolver, and discovered that the killer was the head of police himself. To protect himself from the law, the head of police attempted to recover the revolver and tried to kill Vinay to accomplish this. Vinay was rescued by his maternal Uncle, Prof. K.K., and was brought to his lab. The monster Bufalo attacked them there and Prof. K.K. revealed to Vinay that he had made a costume that could give him superpowers. Vinay put on the costume and became the Wonderman Parmanu. After a long struggle, Vinay succeeded in killing Bufalo. Thereafter, he avenged his classmate by killing the head of police.
     Parmanu lives in Delhi and most of his work centered around Delhi itself although sometimes he has gone to other cities also and helped other superheroes like Nagraj, Doga, Dhruv too in ending the evil. He is also part of the 'Brahmand Rakshak' society formed by the superheroes to save the world from trouble.
    Till 2009 Parmanu was a regular in Raj comics universe, but afterwards his appearance has been decreasing and now very few comics of this loved character comes out, although i am hoping to see the revival of Parmanu again.

    I am posting first 15 comics of Parmanu to give you all some idea about this character and comics. If you like this character then please buy it from Raj comics store or flipkart.

Free download links-

1- Parmanu
2- Aag 
3- Bullet Proof 
4- Black Out 
5- Makkhi 
6- Jonk 
7- Diamond Killer 
8- Underworld 
9- Aalpin 
10- Hahakar 
11- Daddu 
12- Faulad 
13- Gangster 
14- Khor 
15- Blade 

Disclaimer- I am not the copyright holder of these comics. All rights reserved under its publisher Raj Comics. I have no intention to hurt the business of the publishing company, and i am only uploading these comics to give visitors some brief idea about this character. If anyone has any problem with this post, please contact me at 

If you liked these comics then please buy these and other comics and help the comics industry keep running.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Manoj Comics- Anguthelal (All 9 comics) free mediafire download links

 Download all 9 comics of Hindi comics character 'Anguthelal' (Manoj comics) for free...
Hi friends,
    This is my last post of this month and as promised this is again a comics collection post.
    This was really confusing. I had too chose between Inspector Steel, Tiranga (of Raj comics), Tausi (of Tulsi Comics) and Anguthelal and Indra (of Manoj comics)and i decided to go with rather unknown character and chose 'Anguthelal' for todays post. Today i am posting all 9 comics of Hindi comics character 'Anguthelal' from Manoj comics universe. 'Anguthelal' was the character which was introduced at the initial run of Manoj comics and was created by legendry 'Vimal Chatterji'. If i am not wrong it wasn't really a planned character and had only 2 comics 'Anguthelal' and 'Akash ka Rajkumar' as the 2 shot series like so many other stories published by manoj comics at that time. After its success writer and publishers decided to print some more stories and resulting this total 9 comics came out.
   'Anguthelal' is a character who was born from a poor lady's thumb which was cut while cutting vegetables. In reality his real name was Red Star and was from another planet Black Star and was running away from their because his father was forcing him to marry. When he reached on earth he saw the poor family who also didn't had any child. Seeing their problems and suffering he took the form of living thumb and called 'Anguthelal'. After going to his planet too he continuously visited earth and saved this planet some of the biggest problems.
    Although i won't say that i am a big fan of Anguthelal but being a amid fan of comics i collected these and gave a read, and i would suggest to read it for once to all you die hard comics lovers. And even if it doesn't satisfy your expectation, you'll get to read a very lesser know character of our Hindi comics and also Manoj comics universe.
      Hope you all like this post.
    And i have also updated the link of 8th comics of Gamraj titled 'Gamraj aur Ustad Gulgula' which was not available at this blog till now.


1. Anguthelal
2. Akash ka rajkumar 
3. Anguthelal ki wapsi 
4. Anguthelal ka Hungama 
5. Pischachon ki shehjadi 
6. Sari Duniya khatre mein 
7. Vinashdoot Anguthelal 
8. Professor Cockroach 
9. Mujhse Kaun Takrayega

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OK... so see you soon and wish you all 'A very Happy and prosperous Diwali'...Be happy and Be safe...
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