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Friday, July 4, 2014

Veer Zaara (2004) (Soundtrack- 320 kbps) 6 disc special collectors addition [With Remix, Background scores and Making of the music]

Hi friends,
    Its been quite long since i've posted any audio or mp3 collection here as i've been mainly focusing on uploading those rare Hindi comics collections. After a long time i am going to post a audio collection and i hope you all will love it.
    So friends today i am posting here the Audio of 2004's hit movie 'Veer-Zaara' starring Shah Rukh Khan, Priety Zinta and Rani Mukharjee and directed by Yash Chopra. We all know it features the music of late Madan Mohan and the music was created using his old and unused tunes and had some really memorable songs but you might be wondering why i am so excited with this post and what is so special in this post which makes it different from all other Veer-Zaara music albums available over the Internet. Although i am not 100% but still i think this is going to be the first place where you are going to find this 
6 disc special collectors addition audio album which comes with Soundtrack (Disc 1), Making of the Music (Disc 2), Instrumental (Disc 3), Background score and themes (Disc 4), Remastered Instrumental (Disc 5) and Remix (Disc 6).
     I wouldn't lie, i found this collection on torrent but as you all know there is a risk of torrent being inactive after getting old and loosing seeders (Specially Indian Torrents) so i decided to upload it on a file hosting site making it available for direct downloading. All discs are converted into mp3 with 320 kbps bit rate maintaining high quality of the music and songs.
    So disc 1 contains all the songs from the album (Conventionally as you know) and has some really melodious songs like Tere Liye, Main Yahan hun, Do pal, Tum pas aa rhe ho etc.
    Now disc 2 is really interesting and special as it contains the making of the music and how the songs were created from Madan Mohan's old tunes. You'll surely love it and will be amazed how those so old tunes of Madan Mohan were converted into this memorable album.
   Disc 3 contains Instrumental version of all the songs and i guess you all have already heard these.
   Disc 4 is of background scores which were used in the movie and also contains the theme music for different prominent characters of the film.
    Disc 5 has the remastered Instrumental music of the soundtrack.
   And at last disc 6 contains the fast paced remixed versions of different songs like jaanam, Tere liye etc.
      All discs are converted into mp3 with 320kbps bit rate.
    A big thanks to its original converters and uploaders for providing us this awesome collection.

I have made each disc into a separate zip file (making 6 different zip files) to keep the size small so that you all can download these easily.

-:Free Download Links:-

Disclaimer- The blogger does have no intention of hurting the business of original producers or copyright holders of this product and holds no copyright of this material. It is only posted here for the preview purpose and to give the visitors some idea about the soundtrack (Product). If anyone has any problems with this post, then please contact me at

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Hindi Comics Collection- First 11 comics of Radha Comics (Free Mediafire Download Links)

Hi friends,
    In a bid to digitally preserve as many comics as possible today i've brought you all first 11 published comics of a little less known publication Radha Comics.
   During the boom of Hindi comic industry in 80s and 90s there were so many publications who entered the world of comics publishing (Coincidentally most of them used to be published in Meerut {U.P.}) and Radha comics is one of them. It published no. of comics also generating two of its most famous character 'Shaktiputra' and 'Bauna Jasoos'. Although it did promise a decent read during its initial run with few interesting stories but later on it also lost its qualities like most other publications and slowly faded away from the comics universe.
   Now numbering of its comics is most difficult as Radha comics never assigned any no. to its comics and only published with price marked on the front so you can't be sure which comics was published first and which was after, but in few of its comics probably in 43rd or 44th comics in the back it gave the name and no. of all previous published comics from where we were able to find and put the numbering of the comics. So here i am uploading first 11 comics by Radha comics, i hope you all will like it.

-:Free Mediafire Download Links:-

[Format- cbr]
[File hosting- Mediafire]

I hope i am getting you all interested in our Hindi comics Industry because in coming days i am gonna post some more comics of less known publications like Fort comics, Chitra Bharti Kathamala, Neelam Chitrakatha etc. 

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Diamond Comics- 11 comics of Motu Patlu [Free download Links]

Download 11 comics of diamond comics character Motu-Patlu for free...
  As i've told you all earlier that i am gonna be out of time for some times and have saved a little of my content on the hosting sites already so that i can post those when i don't have the opportunity and resource to upload, so today is my first post with that content.
   Today i am presenting you all 11 comics of Diamond comics characters Motu Patlu. To be truthful they are the first DC character which i've read and (so) i always liked them a little more from other DC characters like Chacha Chaudhri, Pinki, Billu etc. I don't know if its me but this series really have some funny and really foolish characters. It has Motu, Patlu and to accompany them there are also Ghasitaram, Dr. Jhatka and Chelaram to make you laugh with there foolish dialogues and actions. I am not sure if DC is still printing these but you can still find these characters in Lotpot magazine. I hope you all like these comics.

Download Links-

Download Motu Patlu aur Anguthi ka Hungama
Download Motu Patlu aur Dr. Ghasita 
Download Motu Patlu aur Joote ka Hungama 
Download Motu Patlu aur Khazane ki Khoj 
Download Motu Patlu aur Khatarnak Yantra 
Download Motu Patlu aur Machli ka Shikar 
Download Motu Patlu aur Pagal Ghasita 
Download Motu Patlu Bhoot Bhoot Bhoot 
Download Motu Patlu aur Heeron ka Dweep 
Download Motu Patlu Pagalkhane me 
Download Motu Patlu aur Shaukia Hotel [Mini] 

If you liked these comics, then please buy these and support the comics industry.

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Diamond Comics- Download 15 Billu comics for free

Download 15 comics of Diamond comics character 'Billu' for free...
Hi friends,
     As promised i am back again with one more post with lots of comics. This time i've brought you all a very beloved character from Diamond Comics.This is dedicated to a frequent blog visitor who requested me to upload some Diamond comics too. So here i am.
    Created by legendary Pran the character 'Billu' is one of the most famous and loved character in Hindi comics world.
    If you've read some comics of Billu, you'll find that it is loosely based on very famous english comics character 'Archie' as we see so many similarities between both, like both are always cool and fun loving, they usually don't do any mistake by knowing but those things happen with them, and last but not the least both have 2 female character loving our Hero.
    But still when it was created i don't think most of us knew about Archie and it got immense popularity in a short span specially among teen. By the way Archie is one of my most favorite English comics character and i have a big collection of his comics too.
    So as i was saying it is very famous among Hindi comics readers, and i wouldn't want to hurt the business of the publisher company as it is still running and publishing. So i am only uploading some 15 comics randomly, i hope you all like it.

Free Download Links-

Download Billu aur Film Show
Download Billu aur Film ki Heroine
Download Billu 2
Download Billu Digest 7
Download Billu aur Abdullah Pahelwan
Download Billu aur Bolne wala Ped
Download Billu aur E-mail
Download Billu aur Guitar Master
Download Billu aur Gupt Khazana
Download Billu aur Haathi ki Sair
Download Billu aur Karod Rupay
Download Billu aur Moti ka Kamal
Download Billu aur Ravan ke Sir
Download Billu aur Super Bat
Download Billu aur teddy Bear 

Now friends i won't be available for few days so don't know when i am gonna post something new. But i have already uploaded few comics and stored them in hosting. So will try to post something new whenever i'll get some spare time.

If you liked these comics then please buy comics and help save the comic industry.

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Raj Comics- Gold Heart (7 comics) free download links

Download 7 comics of 'Gold Heart', a very less known character of Raj comics for free...
Hi friends,
        Today i have brought you all another very less known character of Raj comics. Named 'Gold Heart' this character was probably started in 1997 or 1998 (I am not sure). Although a decent thought and work but it still didn't gained the popularity which the earlier characters of Raj comics found and was discontinued shortly.
    I guess you'd love to read some comics of this character, I had 7 comics of Gold Heart and i am providing all of them here, i hope you'll like these.

Please if you like reading comics, then buy them and support the comics industry.

DOWNLOAD LINKS- [Click on the name of comics to download]

1. Sandman
2. Sone ki Mashal 
3. Kohraam [Hey don't confuse it with Multistarar digest 'Kohram']
4. Jaljala [Again don't confuse it with Multistarar digest 'Jaljala']
5. Ashanti 
6. Gold Heart 
7. Dhaal aur Lalkaar    

 Next in the line are two diamond comics characters 'Billu' and 'Motu Patlu' [sorry that makes it 3 i guess] requested by a regular visitor. I'll be posting them shortly. Till then keep visiting, keep enjoying.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

All Harry Potter Books in Hindi Free Download Links

Download all 7 Harry Potter Books in Hindi for free...
Hi friends,
      As i told you all in my previous post that i'll be more active in this month. So i've decided to at least make 4 or 5 posts in this month, and here i am with my second post.
     Today i have brought you all all 7 Harry Potter in Hindi. I remember one viewer sending me request for these books and although i am quite late in uploading these i still hope he/she will be happy to find these here.
    Harry potter series written by J.K.Rowling is one of the most famous and cult book series presently specially among kids and to some extent among teenagers too.
    Started in 1997 with book Harry Potter and Scorer's Stone this series expanded for nearly 10 years with 7 books and ending with Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows. Following the adventures and journey of Harry Potter and his friends fighting the evil forces this series gained immense popularity and also generated 8 movies based on these book which earned nearly $7.6 Billions among them.
    Still high on the popularity this series continues to mesmerizes the readers with its plot, storyline and lots of action.
    Here i am providing free download links of all 7 books of this series. All books are in pdf format. I hope you like these.

-:Free Download Links:-
[Click on the name of the book to download]

[File Format- pdf]
[Hosting- Ziddu]

All credit goes to original scanner and uploaders for these books.

Disclaimer- This blogger has no intention of hurting the business of original publishers or copyright holders and holds no copyright on these materials. All books are uploaded here only for preview purpose and to give the readers idea about these books. Still if any one has any problem with the present content, please contact me at

If you like these books then please buy these books and support the publishing companies.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Raj Comics- Jasoos Topichand (7 comics) Free Download Links

Hi friends,
   Its been very long since i posted anything here. Please pardon me for that, but these days i don't get much time to maintain all my blogs (Specially when i run 4 blogs :p), and that too with completing my love to book reading, movies and TV shows. But i try to do my best, and hope i'll be more active in the future.
   So here i am friends with one more post where i've brought you all a comics character which is very less known in the Hindi comics world, infact in my childhood days i never read any of its comics and only came to know about this character when i started collecting comics seriously, and irony is that it was published by Raj comics which was probably the most easily available comics publication near my home in the 90s.
   But leave it. Here i am with 7 comics of 'Jasoos Topichand' who was published in the early days of Raj comics. I hope you like these less known comics and appreciate my work.
   I've already uploaded comics of one more less known character and will be shortly post them too. Till then read these and have fun.


1. Jasoos Topichand Ke Karnaame

2. Jasoos Topichand aur Sitaron ki Fauz 

3. Jasoos Topichand aur Sitaron Ki Kheti 

4. Jasoos Topichand aur Rahasyamay Jwalamukhi 

5. Jasoos Topichand aur Mandir Ka Heera 

6. Jasoos Topichand aur Anokh Jal Daitya 

7. Jasoos Topichand aur Hinsa ki Jad 

I am not the original scanner of these comics, i've just collected these from the different websites and uploaded these here. So all credit goes to original comics scanners and uploaders.

Disclaimer- I have no intention to hurt the business of the publishing company of this material. I am only posting these comics here for the preview purpose and make visitors more aware of these less known comics. Also as far as i know these comics are not available on the website of the original publisher (here Raj Comics) for buying, reading or downloading purpose. If anyone still have any problem with this post, then please contact me at

If you like these comics then please buy them and support the comics industry.

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