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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pyaasa (1957) [DVDrip- 354 MB] Watch/Download for free

Watch/Download Hindi movie 'Pyaasa' (1957) for free...
Hi friends,
       After a long time i am going to post any Hindi movie here. Today i am posting classic and one of the best movie of Indian cinema as well as of Gurudutt named 'Pyaasa'. Based on the life story of writer and poet Chandra Shekhar 'Prem' from Himachal Pradesh and Released in 1957 this movie is directed by Guru Dutt and Mala Sinha, Wahida Rehman (First film), Guru Dutt, Johny walker, Rehman and Saleem khan played important roles in the film.
     After giving successful thrillers like C.I.D, Baazi and Jaal and comedy like Mr. and Mrs. 55, Guru Dutt films was now financially secured and now he could make the type of films he wanted to make and Guru Dutt started this film. To play lead he selected himself (He did justice with his role) and got big star like Mala Sinha for the role of Meena ( Earlier Madhubala, Nurgis Dutt and Vyajayantimala were also in talk to play this role but at last it went to Mala Sinha). When Nurgis and Madhubala couln't decide which role they want to play and Mala Sinha was selected for the role of Meena, Gurudutt started searching for a new face to play Gulabo, a prostitute with a heart of gold and his search ended with Waheeda Rehmaan (Her first movie), who later became one of the greatest actress of all time in Indian cinema. The movie also has powerful actor and comedian Johny walker (Guru Dutt's favorite) and Rehman, another good actor (who has proved himself in so many films). Movie also has Saleem Khan (Salman khan's fater) as a actor.
     The movie has some memorable songs like Jane kya tune kahi, Hum aapki aankon mein, Jaane wo kaise log, Aaj sanam mohe and laga lo, Ye duniya agar mil bhi jaaye. Last but not the least who can forget 'Sar jo tera chakraye' filmed on Johny walker.
      This movie is ranked in top 25 films of Indian cinema by Intiatimes and also was included in Times magazine's top 10 romantic films of Indian cinema.
    For any Hindi movie lover it is a must watch movie.

PLOT- I wouldn't give complete plot of the story which will ruin the fun watching the film. Just a little introduction.
      Pyaasa revolves around Vijay (Guru Dutt) and unsuccessful poet whose work is not taken seriously. Hurt by this world he doesn't go home and usually lives outside on street where he meet Gulabo (Waheeda rehman) a prostitute who is impressed with his poetry and falls in love with him. One day he also meet Meena (Mala sinha), his ex girlfriend from college who is now married to a wealthy publisher. One day a dead beggar whom he gave his coat died and people thought Vijay is dead, to pay a tribute to him gets his poem published. But Vijay is alive and in hospital. But Mr. Ghosh and His close friend Shyam refuse to recognize him. 
     Will Vijay find the recolonization he deserves? Find out in this great movie.

Movie Details
Movie name- Pyaasa
Release year- 1957
Director- Guru Dutt
Cast- Mala Sinha, Waheeda Rehman, Guru Dutt, Rehma, Salim Khan, Johny Walker, Mehmood etc.
Language- Hindi
IMDB rating- 7.8/10
My rating- 8.4/10

-:Watch / Download:-

File format- flv
Total size- 354 MB

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